Professional Shrink Sleeve Label Manufacturers and Equipment Suppliers For Craft Beer Packaging

Posted by Chela Mancuso

From artwork to printed labels within a week, quick startup and delivery, and capabilities ranging from low volume to high variety and bulk orders, AMAC Technologies can provide both shrink sleeve labeling equipment and custom shrink sleeve labels that are ideal for craft beer packaging. Whether you’re a bottle shop looking to increase packaging efficiency or a craft or microbrewery, shrink sleeve label manufacturers that sell equipment and labels like AMAC Technologies are beneficial for your business. Look no further than AMAC Technologies for all of your custom shrink sleeve label and packaging equipment needs. AMAC Technologies is a one-stop shop for all types of manufacturing equipment, packaging equipment, and shrink labels. Our leading expert, John Yamasaki, has over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing and packaging industry, and we specialize in providing high-quality shrink sleeve labels and manufacturing equipment for enterprises of all sizes. 


At AMAC Technologies, we are focused on providing our customers with best-in-class quality, materials, and customer service. We provide our customers with knowledgeable consultations at every step of their decision process, and we pride ourselves on having the best and most cost-efficient options on the market. 

When it comes to choosing the right equipment or the right labels for your craft brewery, bottle shop, or microbrewery, it’s important to determine what type of needs you have. Do you need an affordable, high speed machine? Something with a small footprint, or a tabletop option? What types of shrink sleeve printing services do you need? AMAC Technologies offers not only the equipment but also the label printing services, with a low minimum order quantity when printing. This is especially crucial for smaller operations. 

As far as equipment, one of the most popular options for bottle shops and breweries is the ASL-100 from AMAC Technologies. The ASL-100 is ideal for small beer brands. It is a more cost-effective option than other machinery in the series like the ASL-300 and is built with the same sturdy and reliable construction. The ASL-100 is specifically designed for bottles, cans, and jars. It can apply shrink labels to 80 cans or bottles per minute and be used for multiple different skews. The overall benefits of the ASL-100 include: 

  • Ease Of Use: With user-friendly touchscreen controls, the ASL-100 is a fantastic option for day-to-day operations. 
  • Cost Efficiency: Utilizing machinery like the ASL-100 can help small beer brands cut down on labor costs while maximizing output. Because machinery like the ASL-100 can be automated, it either reduces or completely eliminates the need for employees to be packaging anything by hand. The ASL-100 is also an affordable model but is still built with robust stainless steel. Additionally, it is delivered install-ready and can be used the day it arrives. 
  • Small Footprint With Big Output: The ASL-100 can shrink sleeve label 80 cans or bottles per minute but is still small enough to fit within a shop. 

In addition to machinery like the ASL-100, AMAC Technologies also provides high-quality shrink sleeve labels. From artwork to printed labels, the turnaround time is less than a week when it comes to working with AMAC Technologies. In addition to custom shrink sleeves, AMAC Technologies can also provide neck banding for products to create tamper-evident and sealable products that help enhance safety on the shelves and reduce the waste of products. 


At AMAC Technologies, we know how to be a leader in the industry. Through the guidance of John Yamasaki, a pioneer in the shrink labeling and packaging industry, we are able to offer high-quality and affordable machinery to our customers. Alongside Yamasaki is a team of experts and innovators that are constantly working to create new and cutting-edge equipment that will benefit small and large businesses. If you are interested in working with AMAC Technologies, contact us today to get in touch with a customer service representative to learn more about how our manufacturing and packaging solutions can help you.