Shrink Packaging Systems – Uses and Benefits

Posted by Chela Mancuso

In manufacturing shrink packaging systems, or heat shrink labelers and shrink tunnels, have become the new standard for applying packaging to a wide range of products. A heat shrink labeler can be used to apply shrink sleeves to products like canned goods, cosmetics, cleaning products, personal care items, and much more. This style of packaging is also used to apply tamper evident neck banding and convenient twin and multi pack sleevs for items sold in bulk. Shrink packaging systems consist of two pieces of machinery, the first is a heat shrink labeler which applies the sleeve or banding to your product. The second is a shrink tunnel, which applies heat to the product and sleeve to fit the packaging to size. This style of packaging is easy, affordable, and fast, making it the go to option for applying custom packaging and branding. If you need help finding the best shrink packaging systems for your facility, AMAC Technologies can help. 

Benefits’ of AMAC Technologies Shrink Packaging Systems  

  • Versatility – AMAC Technologies offers two different heat shrink labelers as well as a cutting edge shrink tunnel which can be used in any sized facility to package a variety of different products. AMAC Technologies ASL-300 and Egret Series heat shrink labelers can apply shrink sleeves, multi pack sleeves, and neck banding to a variety of products across industries. The innovative cantilever design featured in these machines allows for them to be used to package multiple different products with easy change over. 
  • Speed – The ASL-300 shrink labeler is designed for high production manufacturing facilities and has the ability to apply 300 sleeves per minute. The Egret series shrink labelers are great for smaller facilities looking for an affordable, high quality option to get started with shrink labeling. This system features a compact footprint and the ability to produce at speeds of 60 units per minute.
  • Affordability – AMAC Technologies’ shrink packaging systems are the most affordable of their class, making cutting edge, efficient heat shrink labeling accessible to manufacturers of all sizes. 

Want To Learn More About Shrink Labeling?

If you are interested in speaking with packaging experts to find the right shrink packaging systems for your business, contact AMAC Technologies here!