Shrink Labels For Bottles

Posted by Chela Mancuso

Shrink labels for bottles are effective and convenient packaging for several reasons. Shrink labels for bottles not only provide eye-catching labeling, but also the ability to apply neck banding and bulk packaging. Shrink labels have become a very popular form of packaging in the food and drink industry as it helps your product to stand out on the shelf, and is very easy and affordable to apply. If you are looking for heat shrink labeling equipment that can easily package bottles for food, beverage, and other consumer goods, AMAC Technologies can help! 

AMAC Technologies offers the ASL-300 heat shrink labeler and neck bander that can apply shrink labels for bottles, and a variety of other consumer goods. This shrink sleeve applicator is a game changer in the world of consumer manufacturing. The ASL-300 is the most affordable and efficient heat shrink labeler of it’s class, featuring high speeds and a compact footprint, bringing commercial grade packaging abilities to facilities of all sizes. 

Benefits of AMAC Technologies’ Heat Shrink Labeler For Bottles:

  • Speed – The ASL-300 applies shrink labels and neck banding at a speed of 300 bpm, making this equipment capable of servicing high production facilities of all sizes.
  • Versatility – The ASL-300 can apply shrink labels for bottles, as well as tamper evident neck banding. In addition to being compatible with packaging bottles, this system can also be used to package a variety of different goods, across industries, including cosmetics, personal care items, food, drinks, home goods, and so much more. 
  • Efficient Design – The ASL-300 is compact and sturdy, built for speed and efficiency. This equipment features strong servo motors, a robust stainless steel construction, and innovative cantilever system for seamless changeover between products.   

Want To Learn More About Shrink Labels For Bottles?

If you are looking for equipment to apply shrink labels for bottles and other consumer products, contact AMAC Technologies here!  AMAC Technologies’ dedicated team of packaging specialists will work with you to find the best packaging systems for your needs.