Shrink Labeling For Twin Packs

Posted by Joe Mancuso

Shrink labeling for twin packs is very popular and convenient packaging for products that are  sold in packs of two. Items such as disinfectant sprays, duct tape, cosmetics, vitamins, and even food products can be packed into twin packs with a shrink labeler. Not only does heat shrink labeling efficiently fit your custom sleeves to the product, but this type of packaging also fixes the two items together, making the bulk purchase convenient for the shopper. If you are in need of efficient, affordable, heat shrink labeling equipment capable of packaging twin packs and multipacks, AMAC Technologies can help. 

Benefits if Shrink Labeling For Twin Packs:

  • Bulk Convenience – One of the primary conveniences of shrink labeling for twin packs, is that the packaging keeps the twin or multi pack together. Not only is this convenient for the customer in terms of carrying and transporting, but it encourages the customer to buy in larger quantities.
  • Informational Sleeve – Shrink labeling sleeves can be custom designed to be visually pleasing and include necessary information. This helps to catch the customer’s eye and keep them informed about the product they are purchasing. 
  • Variety – Heat shrink labeling can be used to package twin packs and multi-packs of a variety of items. Products like shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, cosmetics, bottled drinks, canned goods, batteries, jars, and so much more can be easily packed into bulk packs with AMAC Technologies’ new heat shrink labeler. 
  • Fast and Affordable Packaging – AMAC Technologies’ ASL 300 shrink labeler can package at speeds of up to 300 bpm, and it is the most affordable shrink labeler of it’s class. It’s innovative cantilever design and sturdy, stainless steel construction  allows for quick, hands free shrink labeling, and easy changeover between products. 

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