Shrink Labeler Leasing Options and Benefits

Posted by Joe Mancuso

Commercial shrink labelers are a great piece of equipment for manufacturers to have, but can be pricey, which is why AMAC Technologies now offers shrink labeler leasing options. Shrink labelers are essential for packaging a variety of products, and leasing options make it easier for companies to access this professional equipment, without going over budget. If your business packages products like food, beverages, cosmetics, or anything else that could benefit from being shrink wrapped, shrink labeler leasing is a cost effective solution that might be right for you. Shrink labelers are used across several industries to quickly and efficiently pack and seal products without the need for manual packaging. These machines save time, money, and reduce the need for labor, and with shrink labeler leasing these benefits are now more accessible than ever.

Benefits of Shrink Labelers:

  • Speed – AMAC Technologies’ shrink labelers can reach speeds of up to 300 bpm to increase output, wrapping products much faster than can be accomplished manually.
  • Compact Footprint – The compact design of this shrink labeler makes it perfect for facilities or stores that do not want to dedicate a large amount of floor space to packaging machinery. 
  • Affordability – In addition to leasing options, our shrink labelers also have a very affordable price. With AMAC Technologies you can purchase a robust, fast, and efficient shrink labeler without breaking the bank. 
  • Support and Consultation – AMAC Technologies also offers 24/7 tech support for this shrink labeling system, as well as free consultation for shrink labeling feasibility of your products, selection of shrink label film material, shrink tunnels, and line integration. 

Need More Info On Shrink Labeler Leasing?

If you are looking for a high quality, affordable shrink labeler, with convenient leasing and purchase options, contact AMAC Technologies. Our dedicated staff has over 30 years of experience to help you find the best packaging and manufacturing equipment for your needs.