Should You Use A Shrink Tunnel For Bottles?

Posted by Chela Mancuso

What are the benefits of using a shrink tunnel for bottles? Heat shrink labelers and shrink tunnels can be used to package and label a variety of consumer goods including bottles. This includes bottled drinks, food products, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, mouthwash and much more. Shrink tunnels for bottles are an ideal packaging method for bottled goods because they can be used to not only apply heat shrink labels, but also tamper evident seals and even multipack sleeves for bulk packaging. If you are interested in finding an easy to use, affordable heat shrink labeler and shrink tunnel for bottles AMAC Technologies can help!  

Benefits of AMAC Technologies’ Heat Shrink Labeler & Shrink Tunnel For Bottles:

  • Versatile – AMAC Technologies offers two different heat shrink labeling systems The Egret and The ASL-300, that can be used with or without a shrink tunnel to apply shrink sleeves, and tamper evident neck banding to bottles. In addition to packaging bottles these shrink labeling systems can be used to quickly apply packaging to products like canned goods, food products, personal care items, medication, cleaning products and so much more.  
  • Fast – The Egret and ASL-300 heat shrink labeling systems are built for speed and efficiency. The Egret series is designed for smaller facilities looking for a cost effective method of applying heat shrink labels and neck banding. This system operates at a speed of 60 bpm. The ASL-300 is designed for high production, commercial facilities with the capability of producing at speeds of 300 bpm.
  • Reliable – Both of AMAC Technologies heat shrink labelers feature simple yet robust construction making the ASL-300 and Egret incredibly reliable and easy to use. These heat shrink label systems offer a heavy duty stainless steel construction, strong servo motors, easy to use touch screen controls, and innovative cantilever systems for easy changeovers. 

Want To Learn More Shrink Tunnels?

If you would like more information about our shrink tunnel for bottles, contact AMAC Technologies here! AMAC Technologies and their knowledgeable team of packaging experts are ready to help you find the best packaging solutions for your needs.