Vacuum Packing Pharmaceuticals, Medical, and Chemical Products

Vacuum packing is widely used in packaging pharmaceutical products, including tablets, capsules, and lozenges. Pharmaceutical packaging machinery ensures the integrity of the product, ensures proper shelf-life, and provides protection against moisture, dirt, mold, germs, and improper handling. Another benefit of vacuum packing pharmaceuticals or a medical vacuum sealer is that it provides tamper-free solutions.

Examples of products suitable for vacuum packing are:

  • Health and skincare products: operation room sheets, clothes, cosmetics
  • Medical accessories: surgical tools, medical kits, sterile goods, stents
  • Pharmacy: capsules, eye-drops, pain relief gel to be frozen/heated
  • Laboratory products: glass slides for samples, chemical gels

A medical vacuum sealer solution begins with AMAC Technologies. With a variety of machines to choose from, we have the proper pharmaceutical packaging machinery to suit your company’s needs.

Pharmaceutical Factory Worker . Pharmaceutical female worker controlling the medical pill packaging line.
Red Bag of Blood in hand Doctor