Affordable Semi-Automatic Cling Film Wrap for Supermarkets

Posted by AMAC

If you are looking for affordable semi-automatic cling film wrap for supermarkets, AMAC Technologies has a new, compact, affordable, shrink tunnel machine that is perfect for smaller facilities of supermarkets looking to shrink wrap their products, without the cost or loss of space of older, bulkier models. With the consideration of 35 years of experience and research, AMAC Technologies has developed the ALS-300, which is the most affordable and compact shrink wrapping machine of its class, with and all the speed and capability of it’s larger predecessors. Cling wrapping is a fast and easy way to effectively wrap your products in plastic sleeves to protect them from outside contaminants, and when you use AMAC’s Technologies’ new ALS-300 shrink tunnel machine you can trust you are getting the best quality machinery, for a fair price, without sacrificing valuable space in your place of business.

ALS-300 shrink tunnel benefits and specs:

  • Compact Footprint – The ALS-300 is the most compact shrink wrapping system of it’s kind that takes up minimal space without sacrificing the speed or efficiency of a full sized shrink tunnel. This compact design allows for reduced production costs, which translates to big savings for any business looking to implement the use of this machinery.
  • Robust Design – The ALS-300 has a sturdy stainless steel design and uses strong servo motors and a cantilever design that allows for speeds up to 300 bpm and quick changeover times.
  • Free Consultation – AMAC Technologies offers free consultation on shrink labeling feasibility of your products, selection of shrink label film materials, and shrink tunnels and line integration.

Are you interested in semi-automatic cling film wrap for supermarkets?

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