Seafood Packaging: Why Choose Vacuum Sealing?

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Seafood Packaging

seafood-packagingFrom canning to foil packs to peel and reseal packaging, there are so many options for seafood packaging. Many of these seafood packaging options come in predetermined sizes and shapes, which for retailers, may affect shipping space as well as shelf space. All of these things are important to resellers, but we cannot overlook the most important aspect of seafood packaging — FRESHNESS. Any fish market knows that providing the freshest fish possible for the consumer is the key to success. Let’s face it, we’ve all turned our nose up at fish that tastes “fishy.” As a seafood distributor, getting fish to the consumer in the freshest form possible should be the primary goal.

Fortunately for the seafood packaging industry, vacuum sealing is one of the best packaging methods for preserving freshness and it is also one of the easiest to use. Vacuum sealing allows for all the air to be removed from a package. Removing the air prevents bacteria from growing and will keep fish fresher longer. This alone is a great reason to consider vacuum packaging, but along with freshness, vacuum sealing provides many other benefits.

What are the Benefits of Vacuum Sealing my Seafood?

Companies are using vacuum sealers for many products and many reasons. From freshness to preserving product integrity, vacuum sealing is a great choice. Below we look at the many benefits vacuum sealing can provide for the seafood industry.

  1. Increased Shelf Life – Every resellers dream is to get the maximum shelf life from their products and that’s exactly what vacuum packaging seafood can do. When you vacuum package seafood in a bag, it eliminates the air which keeps the product fresher longer. It preserves the flavor, look, and freshness of the food thereby extending the sales window.
  2. Appearance Matters – A look alone can set a product apart from its competition, but when it comes to seafood a retailer wants it to look as fresh and appealing as possible. A clear sealed package allows the consumer to view the appearance of the seafood. No one wants to buy seafood that appears spoiled. If the appearance is fresh, then it’s likely the taste will be too. People buy seafood that looks good.
  3. Product Integrity – Maintaining the integrity of a product is extremely important. A vacuum seal will keep the product free from dust, pests, moisture and any other environmental contaminants that could harm or damage the seafood.
  4. Quick Processing – Vacuum sealing with the right machine and materials is a very quick and efficient method of packaging and preserving seafood.

Whenseafood-packaging-vacuum-sealing it comes to seafood, vacuum sealing is a great option for packaging. It is designed to provide the best display and preservation of your seafood.

Vacuum sealing may seem like a simple process, but it’s always a good idea to talk to an expert. Working with a professional vacuum sealing manufacturer ensures you are getting the right product to meet your exact packaging needs.  An experienced service provider will help you determine which vacuum sealer will work best for your particular process.

Looking for a Great Way to Package your Seafood and Ensure Freshness?

AMAC Technologies has both the vacuum sealers and the expertise to help! We offer a variety of vacuum sealers for your unique packaging needs. To learn how we can use our special expertise to help you find the best vacuum sealer for your product, please fill out our contact form.