What Are the Best Uses for Sachet Filler and Packaging Machines?

Posted by AMAC

Sachet filler and packaging machines are often used to package pharmaceutical products, medical devices, and medications including powders, liquids, and capsules. Sachet filler and packaging machines are a fast and efficient way to safely seal pharmacy products for shipment and distribution. In addition to four sided sachet packaging, these automated systems can also be used to fill various sized bags with your products. These fully automated systems are also referred to as form fill seal (FFS) machines, and can package up to 60 units per minute, allowing you to speed up your overall packaging process. Another bonus of using an automated sachet filling system, is that it will handle the entirety of your packaging process, from feeding and opening to filling and sealing each pouch. These packing machines allow you to increase efficiency and output while also removing the burden of manual packaging duties from your employees day to day tasks.  Whether you are producing pharmaceutical goods or other consumer products, an automated sachet filler and packaging machine will take your packaging process to the next level.

Other Sachet Filler and Packaging Machine Uses

  • Food products – Many dry and liquid food items can be packed and stored using sachet filler and packaging machines. Items like oils, broths, powdered seasonings, can be easily packed and sealed for shipment in packaging that will protect from contaminants, and extend shelf life.
  • Hardware – Tools and small components such as nuts, bolts, nails, screws, and more can be efficiently packaged with sachet filler technology. Sachet pouches provide durable packaging for these items to be shipped and stored in.
  • Outdoor – Sachet pouches and bags also provide great packaging for outdoor products like mulch, fertilizer and seeds. The packages are durable and perfect for rugged, outdoor uses.

Shopping for Sachet Filler and Packaging Machines?

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