Increase Output and Efficiency with a Rotary Pouch Machine

Posted by AMAC

A high efficiency rotary pouch machine from AMAC Technologies can be used to package and seal most liquid or solid products that are stored and shipped in pouches or laminate packaging. These fully automated machines can fill and seal flat pouches, stand up pouches, laminates, or gusseted pouches. With the ability to fill and seal up to 60 pouches in just one minute, a rotary pouch machine will allow you to save time, cut costs, increase overall output, and refocus your employees time on tasks other than manual packaging. Fully automating the packaging process with this top of the line equipment will keep your business at the cutting edge of manufacturing and provide the tools you need for success.

Packaging Goods with a Rotary Pouch Machine: 

While often used for food distribution, many industries can benefit from packaging their liquid, solid or powder materials with rotary pouch machines.

  • Foods – Foods like meats, cheeses, rice, vegetables, and fruits can all be packaged with a rotary pouch machine. Not only is this method of packaging more convenient and efficient, but sealing food products in an airtight pouch or laminate can help to prevent spoil and reduce waste.
  • Supplements – Health products like protein powder and other nutritional supplements can be efficiently packaged with an automated filling machine, protecting the product with a durable vessel and providing convenient, easy to ship packaging.
  • Liquid Goods – Products like juices and broths can also be packaged with this rotary pouch machine, and much like solid foods, be protected from bacteria that could cause spoil and waste.

AMAC Technologies is a long time, trusted provider of high quality, automatic industrial machinery. Their line of filling and packaging machines save time and money, helping your business succeed. To learn more about AMAC Technologies and rotary pouch machines, contact them here today.