Rotary Pouch Filling Machine

Posted by AMAC

The RV-8200, rotary pouch filling machine, is a 10 station rotary filling and sealing machine, that can fully automate the filling and packaging portion of your manufacturing process. AMAC Technologies’ RV-8200, uses vacuum and rotary technology to fill pouches, then extrude air from the package, sealing to finish. Implementing the use of this machine allows you to quickly produce vacuum sealed pouches, filled with your product, that are perfect for shipping and commercial distribution. By speeding up this process with a rotary pouch filling machine, the time that would usually be spent on packaging your product, can be refocused on other more pertinent tasks to help your business grow.

Why Should You Use a Rotary Pouch Filling Machine?

● The RV-8200 is perfect for packaging both solid and liquid food products for commercial distribution and sale. Items such as meats, broths, vegetables, fruits, and much more can be packaged and vacuum sealed by this machine. Sealing perishable food products in air tight packaging can extend shelf life, protect food from bacteria, and prevent exposure that can cause spoiling. Doing so will reduce waste and allow more product to be distributed and sold.
● While widely used for processed food consumer packaging, this rotary pouch filling machine can be used for other goods such as hardware, hand tools, electronic components, and more. By sealing your products in plastic or laminate pouches you can prevent exposure to elements like water that can cause damage to your product.
● The RV-8200 can be used for flat pouch, stand-up pouch, gusseted bags and laminate packages, and can put out up to 60 units per minute. This machine also has an alarm system that will alert the user and stop filling if there is an error in bag filling or opening. This machine will exponentially increases speed of packaging and will prevent waste or loss of product with its top of the line alarm and sensor system.

If you are interested in saving time and money for your business by using a rotary pouch filling machine like the RV-8200, browse our machinery or contact us today. Our team of professionals can explain our line of high quality, automated, manufacturing machines, and find the tools you need to take your business to the next level.