Increase Production with the RF 8200 Automatic Rotary Pouch Filling Machine

Posted by AMAC

RF 8200 Automatic Rotary Vacuum Packaging MachineFood manufacturer face more competition than ever these days. In such a highly competitive industry it is critical that the most efficient processes are in place to guarantee maximum production with superior quality. The answer to efficient packaging solutions is the RF 8200 Automatic Rotary Pouch Filling Machine.

At AMAC Technologies, we offer a large variety of Automated Vacuum Packaging Machines.  Our RF 8200 Automatic Rotary Vacuum Packaging Machines is one the very latest in the vacuum sealing industry and is new in the United States. This fully automated pouch filling machine is ideal for flat pouch, stand-up pouch, gusseted bags and laminates. Learn more about its benefits below or contact us today to discuss your specific vacuum sealing needs.

Reduce Costs with the RF 8200 Automatic Rotary Pouch Filling Machine

The RF 8200 is an affordable option for businesses operating in the food industry today. Pouch filling machines decrease costs by providing improvements in the following areas:

  • Productivity
  • Efficiency
  • Product Quality
  • Speed
  • Flexibility

This RF 8200 machine is ideal for manufacturers producing processed food items, marinated meats, sous vides, cheese, sausages, dried fruits, dried meats, candies, nuts, cookies, grains, beans, pickles and more. It can handle pouches up to 2.2lbs and can process anywhere from 25 to 60 per minute. Think of what that can do for your daily production. Furthermore, automation reduces human error, decreases labor costs and improves the overall quality and consistency of each product on the line.

Is your Food Packaging Line Ready for Automation?

If you are a food manufacturer and have been considering incorporating automatic rotary pouch filling machines into your current process, AMAC Technologies has the equipment you need. Our RF 8200 automatic rotary pouch filling machine is an affordable way to get started. Contact us today to learn more!