Reduce Bulk and Improve Shipping with Nozzle Vacuum Sealing Machines

Posted by AMAC

If you work in an industry that manufactures or ships bulky items like bedding or linens, you may want to consider implementing the use of a nozzle vacuum sealing machine to reduce bulk. Nozzle vacuum sealing machines work by removing oxygen from packages, allowing the plastic wrapped package to shrink and take up less space. This process is desirable for industries that package and ship items including clothing, bedding, food, or electronics. While removing excess oxygen from a package allows you to ship a smaller item, vacuum sealing provides added benefits like protection from elements that could damage products, and bacteria that could cause spoil. The use of a nozzle vacuum sealing machine can reduce the bulk of your shipped items, as well as protect goods from damaging elements, overall reducing waste and bulk, which saves money.

Who Benefits from Using Nozzle Vacuum Sealing Machines? 

  • Bedding and Textiles – If you are producing or shipping cloth materials like bedding, comforters, clothing, or curtains, you can reduce the bulkiness of these items for shipment by sealing them with a nozzle vacuum sealing machine. Doing so will allow you to remove excess oxygen from your packaging, creating a smaller parcel, allowing you to save money on shipping costs.
  • Electronics – Companies that ship electronic devices can benefit from vacuum packaging with a nozzle sealing machine not only because they reduce bulk, but because vacuum packaging will protect your product from exposure to water and other harmful materials that could cause damage, resulting in the inability to be sold.
  • Food Industries – Businesses that package food goods for consumer’s use can also benefit from a vacuum sealing machine’s ability to reduce bulk. In addition to reducing bulk, vacuum sealing will also protect food items from exposure to bacteria or elements that can cause spoiling, ultimately resulting in less waste and saving money.

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