Professional Vacuum Sealer For Manufacturing

Posted by Joe Mancuso

A professional vacuum sealer can vastly improve the production speed and output of a large variety of manufactured goods. Foods, electronics, medical tools, car parts, and much more can be easily packed and sealed with the use of a professional vacuum sealer. Automated vacuum sealers provide several benefits including speed, extended shelf life, reduced labor cost, and product protection. The use of an automated vacuum sealing system will provide all of these benefits and more helping to save time, money, and energy. No matter what you are manufacturing, liquid, solid, large, or small, AMAC Technologies produces professional vacuum sealers that can transform your packaging process and pack your items with ease. 

Benefits of Using A Professional Vacuum Sealer:

  • Speed – AMAC Technologies’ automatic, professional vacuum sealers can pack and seal up to 60 completed units in just one minute. This allows for more items to be packed in a shorter amount of time than can be accomplished manually. This results in higher production and output.  
  • Shelf Life – Vacuum sealing food helps to lock in freshness and prevent contamination. This ensures a longer shelf life and prevents spoilage and loss of product.
  • Variety – AMAC Technologies supplies both form fill seal and pouch filling vacuum sealers. This allows for a large variety of products to be easily packed and sealed into custom cut packaging or pre-made pouches with no need for custom molds. These machines can even process hard to package items like whole chickens, liquid food goods, powders, and irregularly shaped items with ease.
  • Cost effective – A very important aspect of automated vacuum sealers is that they help to reduce overhead. With the use of a professional vacuum sealer, you can eliminate the need for manual labor and hand packaging. This results in dramatically reduced labor costs, liability, and risk of labor induced injury.

Need To Find A Professional Vacuum Sealer?

If you are interested in implementing the use of professional automated manufacturing equipment, contact AMAC Technologies today. AMAC Technologies is a cutting edge provider of manufacturing equipment, designed for speed and efficiency. With 30+ years of experience and a dedicated team of vacuum packaging specialists, AMAC Technologies is sure to help you find the best packaging equipment for your needs.