Printing Shrink Sleeves: Where Can You Have Custom Shrink Sleeves Printed In Bulk

Posted by Chela Mancuso

Make Printing Shrink Sleeves Easy When You Work With Leading Industry Experts:

If you are looking for experienced, skilled professionals that can help you create high-quality shrink sleeves for your products, look no further than AMAC Technologies. For over 40 years, we have been a leading authority in the manufacturing and packaging equipment industry, and we now offer shrink sleeve printing services. Shrink sleeves are used to pack consumer goods including food products, beverages, cleaning supplies, cosmetics, personal hygiene products, and much more. We can print custom shrink sleeves in bulk for a variety of industries.

Heat shrink labeling has become the packaging standard for many industries and working with a reliable shrink sleeve printer helps manufacturers keep up with demand and production while providing effective and affordable packaging and labels for their products. Scheduling bulk printing of custom sleeves ensures you have enough of the packaging materials you need when you need them, and being able to work with packaging specialists like the experts at AMAC Technologies, ensures you find the best shrink sleeve labeling solutions for your needs. Learn all about our heat shrink label printing options here!

Benefits Of Packaging Product With Shrink Sleeves:

  • Affordable – printing shrink sleeves is more cost-effective than printing separate front and back labels. With the right equipment, these sleeves can also be applied hands-free, which reduces labor costs.
  • Eye-Catching – custom printing in full color on shrink sleeves allows you to grab attention on store shelves.
  • Tamper Proof – Shrink Sleeves and neck banding can be used to provide tamper-evident seals that protect your products and consumers.
  • Increased Packaging Speed – application of shrink sleeves can be fully automated and is a fast process that helps keep up with demand and
  • increase production speed.
  • Sustainability – Today’s shrink sleeve labels are printed on more sustainable materials, making them easy to recycle or biodegrade.
  • Versatility – Shrink sleeves can be used to not only package a variety of products across industries but they can also be used to twin and multi-packas of consumer products that are often seen in big box stores.

Want To Find The Best Shrink Sleeve Print and Application Solutions For Your Needs?

If you are looking for expert shrink sleeve printing or cutting-edge shrink sleeve labeling equipment, contact AMAC Technologies! AMAC Technologies can serve as your one-stop shop for all your shrink labeling needs, providing high-quality, custom-printed sleeves, cutting-edge heat shrink labelers, and shrink tunnels that are designed to save time and money in the packaging process. Our resident shrink labeling expert, John Yamasaki is a pioneer in the shrink labeling industry who can answer all your questions and help you find the best packaging solutions for your needs. Call today to learn more!