How to Save Money with High Performance Pouch Packaging Machines

Posted by AMAC

Pouch packaging machines like the fully automated RF8200 – rotary filling machine from AMAC Technologies can save time and money for your business while producing high volume that cannot be matched by manual packaging. Pouch packaging machines, like the RF8200 can be used to package both dry and liquid goods into various types of pouches. This fully automated machinery will open, fill, and seal flat pouches, gusseted bags, laminates, and stand up pouches, with the ability to produce up to 60 units in one minute. Automating your packaging process will allow you to produce more units, in a shorter amount of time, and free up your employees to spend more time focusing on other, more important tasks.

What Products Can Be Packaged With Pouch Packaging Machines?

  • Food – Food products like meats, cheeses, grains, or vegetables can be packaged with this pouch filling machine. In addition to quicker, more efficient packaging, sealing food products in pouches or laminates can prevent spoil and reduce waste.
  • Liquids – Pouch packaging machines can easily package liquid products like broths or juices, into durable pouches for shipping and storage. Like other food products, storing liquid consumables in plastic bags or pouches, prevents exposure to elements that could cause these products to spoil.
  • Hardware – Small pieces of hardware that may be used for product assembly can be conveniently packaged in sealed pouches.
  • Electronics – Small electronic components can be protected from damage by elements like water when packaged and sealed in a durable pouch or laminate.

If your business produces products that can be packaged and shipped in pouches, bags, or laminates, consider using pouch packaging machines to cut down on costs and more efficiently package your product. Using a top of the line filling machine from AMAC technologies will allow you to package and seal up to 60 units in under a minute, and allow your employees to focus their energy on other tasks. Click here to learn more about AMAC Technologies and their extensive line of industrial manufacturing machinery.