Pouch Filling Machine

Posted by AMAC

If you are looking to automate and speed up your manufacturing process, consider the use of an automated pouch filling machine.  AMAC Technologies produces several automated manufacturing machines such as the RV-8200 – Rotary Vacuum Packaging Machine, that can increase output while saving time. This gives your employees the ability to spend more time on tasks to grow your business, without having to worry about the packaging portion of manufacturing. Implementing the use of an automatic pouch filling machine, like the RV-8200, will give your business the leg up it needs to succeed in the world of manufacturing.

Why Should You Use a Pouch Filling Machine?

  • The RV-8200 uses rotary technology to open, fill, and seal various styles of bags including flat pouches, stand-up pouches, gusseted bags and laminates with dry or liquid products. This makes AMAC Technologies’ pouch filling machine perfect for vacuum packaging food items for consumer use and distribution.
  • This pouch filling machine vacuum seals your products preventing food items from spoiling, and protecting products such as hardware, children’s toys, hand tools, or car parts, from exposure to elements like water that could damage your products. Being able to prevent damage and spoil will reduce waste, allowing more products to be distributed and sold.
  • The RV-8200 can process up to 60 units per minute, allowing you to cut down on production time and increase output.
  • This pouch filling machine also has a full stainless steel construction and top of the line safety and alarm system. This makes the equipment easy to clean after use, as well as being able to alert the users if there is an error in the filling or sealing process. Alarms will sound and production will pause if a bag does not open or fill properly, preventing loss of product.

Looking to Increase Production with a Pouch Filling Machine?

AMAC Technologies strives to design and produce machinery that will automate the manufacturing process, allowing your business to save time and money, freeing up more time to be spent on growth and development. To learn more about the RV-8200 and other automated production machinery, contact us today!