What Are The Benefits of Using PET Shrink Tubing For Tamper Evident Neck Bands

Posted by Chela Mancuso

PET tubing or polyethylene terephthalate is an innovative material option for manufacturers to utilize when they require shrink tubing for tamper-evident neck bands. Employing PET shrink tubing for tamper evident neck bands provides a wide variety of benefits to manufacturers as well. PET is made of a very lightweight thermoplastic polymer resin, and it offers incredible strength and wear resistance without compromising the flexibility of the product. It can also hold incredibly thin wall thickness, making it an ideal option for tamper-evident neck bands. PET shrink tubing has become one of the most popular products on the market and is excellent for sleeving products to serve as a protective barrier. However, there are many benefits of PET tubing, not just those of protective sleeving or dielectric barriers. In addition, our in-house expert John Yamasaki is a pioneer in innovating within the shrink labeling industry. Yamasaki has decades’ worth of extensive experience in the manufacturing and packaging industry and provides expert guidance to our teams in order to provide you with the best possible customer service, and the best possible understanding of the products and their benefits. 


No matter what you might utilize PET shrink tubing for, this product has a wide variety of usages and is one of the most lightweight and versatile options on the market. Some of the benefits of PET shrink tubing include: 

  • Wear resistance. Many manufacturers are looking for something that can withstand the test of manufacturing, packaging, and of course, shipping. Products need to stand up to the test of being potentially jostled and bumped around during the shipping process before they make it to store shelves, and PET shrink tubing can guarantee that the product will arrive intact and in excellent condition to be sold at stores. 
  • Quick shrinking ability. PET shrink tubing for tamper-evident neck bands is also an excellent choice because of its lower shrink temperature. PET shrink tubes shrink incredibly quickly, which allows the production process to move much quicker and more smoothly, which cuts down on overall manufacturing time. 
  • Lower shrink temperatures. In addition to shrinking more rapidly, PET shrink tubing also requires a lower temperature in order to begin shrinking. The shrinking initiatives quickly at just 60 degrees celsius, or 140 degrees Fahrenheit. PET shrink tubing shrinks quickly and effectively with a heat gun, an oven, or a shrink tunnel and allows the entire production process to move more efficiently overall. 
  • Linear seamed. Linear seams along the length of the tube provide flexibility in sizing when it comes to using PET shrink tubing. Whether a manufacturer requires a short piece of tubing for their product, or something longer for the application, there will only be one visible seam on the product. 
  • Unlimited customization. PET shrink tubes can be customized however they are needed. Like all shrink tubing that AMAC Technologies can provide, PET shrink tubes can be customized to fit the type of product you are applying tamper-evident neck bands to, and our expert team of customer service representatives can help you pick the correct sizing and amount of product for your shrink tubing needs. 


At AMAC Technologies, we utilize our 40+ years of experience in the packaging industry to present our customers with the best shrink-tubing options on the market. Whether you are looking at using PET shrink tubing for tamper-evident neck bands, or another product, let our customer service experts help you discover today what the best option is for you. Get in touch with AMAC Technologies today and find out what products can help advance your manufacturing business the most!