PCB Packaging: Why Should you Consider Vacuum Sealing?

Posted by AMAC

With PCB demand on the rise, manufacturers are pressed to not only streamline and expedite production, but to make sure the PCB’s arrive at their destination in perfect condition. For years, manufacturers have focused keenly on production with careful planning and preparation throughout the entire assembly process. From the time a kit is pulled, take extra steps of precaution to ensure assembly, soldering, and testing are all meticulously completed. But once the PCB is produced, how should it be packaged to maintain its integrity? To understand the best pcb packaging, we must pinpoint the primary risks of PBC failure.

Moisture – The Kiss of Death to Every PCB

Most manufacturers are acutely aware of ESD damage that can occur during assembly, and they also know that moisture release during production can lead to PCB failure as well. Don’t forget that moisture exposure isn’t limited to production alone. Moisture can become a big issue during storage and transportation. When exposed to moisture, a circuit board will likely prematurely fail. For this reason, manufacturers should look for ways to package, store and ship PCB’s that will safeguard against moisture damage. Vacuum sealing provides such a safeguard and many other benefits as outlined below.

Benefits of Using Vacuum Sealing for PCB Packaging

  1. Removes Air – keeps PCB dry and free from failure.
  2. Preserves Integrity – keeps PCD free from dirt, dust and other environmental elements.
  3. Moisture Protection – protects against condensation during storage and any accidental spills
  4. Fast Process – Vacuum sealing with the proper machine and materials is a very quick and efficient method of packaging instruments.
  5. Tamper Evident – Visually apparent when product seal has been compromised
  6. For Surface-Mounted PCB — you can control the vacuuming speed and final vacuum strength to much less than 100% which may damage the implanted parts. You can also consider gas injection to give it a cushion.

Electrical Components Suitable for Vacuum Sealing 

Along with PCB’s, use vacuum sealing for many other electrical products and components: 

  • Solar panels
  • Capacitors
  • Electronic connectors
  • Resistors
  • Coils
  • Transformers
  • Wires & Cables

Preserving the integrity of electrical components and their parts means the difference between a product working as intended verses an aggravated consumer who has to return the product to the store. Compose superior products with superior components. When you manufacture a superior PCB it also means packaging it properly to eliminate storage issues to guarantee the component works as intended.

Ready to Try Vacuum Sealing for your PCB Packaging Needs?

AMAC Technologies has both the vacuum sealers and the expertise with electrical components to help with your pcb packaging! Vacuum sealing can be a very simple process to implement, but contacting a professional vacuum sealing consultant will ensure you are getting the right product to meet your exact pcb packaging needs.  Get started finding the best PCB or other electrical component vacuum sealer by filling out our contact form today!