Best Vacuum Sealers For Packaging Aerospace Parts and Components

Posted by Chela Mancuso

The aerospace industry is a highly specialized sector requiring top-tier packaging equipment to ensure the safety and quality of its many components. Proper vacuum packaging equipment and processes can preserve the integrity of parts for storage, transport, and eventual deployment. For this reason, finding the best vacuum sealers for packaging aerospace parts is paramount for manufacturers. Vacuum sealing technology effectively protects aerospace parts from damage, contamination, and degradation, making it an essential tool in the industry.

What Kind Of Vacuum Sealers Are Used For Packaging Aerospace Components?

Selecting the right vacuum sealer for packaging aerospace parts and components is a task that requires meticulous consideration. The size and shape of the parts, production speed, and necessary industrial certifications are all crucial factors.

Among the multitude of vacuum sealers on the market, a few types stand out.

  1. Industrial Table Top Vacuum Sealers – Industrial tabletop and mobile machines are perfect for providing airtight seals while being convenient and space-saving. These machines are ideal for packaging smaller parts and can be easily transported across different assembly lines. AMAC Technologies offers a full line of tabletop chamber sealers for industrial packaging processes, that are ideal for aerospace and aviation components. These systems are durable, efficient, affordable, and designed to save space. These smaller tabletop vacuum sealers pack a big punch for an affordable price, making them a go-to choice for aerospace packaging.
  2. Nozzle Vacuum Sealing Machines – Nozzle vacuum sealers are another excellent choice, especially for their ability to adapt to a large variety of products and components. These sealers use a retractable nozzle to remove air before sealing the package, allowing for a great deal of flexibility. There are many styles of nozzle vacuum sealers, including small hand-operated systems, semi-automated machines, and fully automated nozzle vacuum sealing systems that handle the entire process from start to finish with no need for manual intervention. The vacuum packaging experts at AMAC Technologies will be able to analyze your needs, product requirements, space constraints, and budget to help you choose the best machine for your applications.
  3. Form Fill Seal (FFS) Machines – FFS packaging systems are an industry favorite for their speed and versatility. FFS vacuum sealers cut use autosensing technology to c-fold film to individually fit each item. The film is then sealed around the item using vacuum sealing technology to remove excess oxygen and create an airtight seal that locks out damaging contaminants. This style of vacuum sealing machine is ideal for large and regularly shaped products that will not fit into pre-formed pouches or bags.

Benefits Of Working With Industry Leaders To Find The Best Vacuum Sealers For Your Business

Vacuum sealers are an essential tool in aerospace packaging, from industrial tabletop and mobile machines, nozzle vacuum sealers, to Form Fill Seal systems. Choosing the right one depends on the specific needs of your operations. To be sure you’re getting the best, consider brands like AMAC Technologies, a trusted provider with a long-standing reputation for excellence.

With over 40 years of experience, AMAC has honed its craft, offering cutting-edge vacuum packaging equipment that elevates the packaging process. Their machines are designed to save time and money, making packaging faster and more affordable. AMAC’s commitment to quality and innovation makes it a trusted provider of vacuum sealers in the aerospace packaging industry.

AMAC Technologies’ dedicated team of vacuum packaging specialists, led by industry pioneer John Yamasaki, can answer all your questions and help you find the best packaging solutions to fit your budget and your product packaging requirements. Contact AMAC Technologies today to learn more!