Eco-Friendly OPS Shrink Sleeve Labels: Printing and Application Process

Posted by Chela Mancuso

With many different types of shrink-sleeve label materials available on the market, it is critical for manufacturers to know the differences between the varieties and what they include. OPS, or oriented polystyrene, shrink sleeve labels are one of the most common options available for shrink sleeve labeling, and for a good reason! OPS shrink sleeve labels are produced by the flat-die extrusion with the subsequent orientation in TD direction. They have a low specific gravity, even lower than PET, and have a high percentage of maximum shrinkage. In addition, OPS shrink sleeve labels have excellent transparency, sparkle, and gloss and come in a wide variety of colors which allows for manufacturers to utilize highly customized labeling. In addition to having high strength, high rigidity, and a stable shape, OPS shrink labels are also considered a very environmentally friendly option because it is crafted without toxic materials. AMAC Technologies is a globally respected leader in the packaging and manufacturing industry, and Director of Operations John Yamasaki is an expert in the field. AMAC Technologies has a highly-skilled team of innovating engineers and a top-of-the-line customer service department ready to assist our customers in making the right decision for their business. 


OPS heat shrinkable film is a stellar option for any manufacturer looking to utilize an environmentally friendly heat shrinking material. Some of the benefits of these shrink sleeve labels include: 

  • High strength materials that are highly versatile. OPS shrink sleeve labels are ideal for any type of bottle, can, or jar container and are often used for products like beverages, food products, condiments, nutraceuticals, soaps, and air fresheners. 
  • Suitable for fully automated machinery. OPS shrink sleeve labels are designed to be compatible with all fully automated machinery. Utilizing packaging materials and fully automated machinery helps manufacturers cut down on production costs and time and overall makes processes run more smoothly. 
  • High shrinkage. Because of the ability of OPS shrink sleeve labels to shrink quite a bit, they are ideal for any large or irregularly shaped container and can be fitted around containers with curves, or even square bottles. 
  • Lower temperature shrinkage allows for easy use with heat shrink tunnels. This type of machinery can help manufacturers completely automate their entire workflow which removes the need for human intervention when manufacturing and packaging. This in turn cuts down on production costs across the board. 
  • These labels are highly customizable and suitable for colored printing. They do not fog or darken when the label is shrunk during the packaging process, and even with high shrinkage, there is no label deformity. 
  • OPS shrink sleeve labels are easy to tear without compromising the rest of the packaging. The label itself is extremely symmetrical and is an ideal choice for manufacturers looking to add tamper-evident banding to their products. 


At AMAC Technologies, it is our top priority to provide our customers with exemplary service and best-in-class machinery and labeling products. With the help of Director of Operations John Yamasaki, AMAC Technologies is consistently innovating and adapting to provide top-of-the-line machinery and materials at an affordable price point for our customers. We have over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing and packaging industry and are a globally respected name for all things packaging and manufacturing. To learn more about our machinery options and to discover what are the right products for your business, get in touch with AMAC Technologies’ expert customer service and sales department today! Our team will connect you with the right resources and answer every question you have.