Nozzle Vacuum Sealing VS Chamber Vacuum Sealing

Posted by AMAC

If your business is looking to use vacuum sealing technology to pack and seal items, you should understand the differences between nozzle vacuum sealing vs chamber vacuum sealing. Vacuum sealers are a great way to seal both food and non-food items into airtight containers that prevent damage or spoiling of goods.  Both nozzle vacuum sealing and chamber vacuum sealing are great ways to protect your goods from damage during shipping or storage, and finding reliable, top of the line machinery to package with is key. AMAC Technologies is a trusted provider of manufacturing machinery that is engineered for speed and efficiency to help your business save time and money. AMAC Technologies is more than capable of helping you find the right vacuum sealing technology for your needs, but first you should better understand nozzle vacuum sealing VS chamber vacuum sealing.

What is the difference between nozzle vacuum sealing and chamber vacuum sealing?

  • Nozzle Vacuum Sealing – Nozzle vacuum sealers are great options for saving space and money without sacrificing quality. This type of machine will provide you with a faster vacuum cycle and a higher amount of control over the bag. It is the perfect machine for packaging electronics, tools, and more durable airtight packages. AMAC Technologies offers a full line of table top nozzle vacuum sealers that work by vacuuming air out of the component.
  • Chamber Vacuum Sealing – Chamber vacuum sealing works by using air pressure to expel oxygen out of the pouch that is holding your product. This type of machinery is available in a range of sizes from small table top units to large automated systems for high volume output. These machines also allow you to control how much oxygen is expelled. As these machines use air pressure instead of suction, they are great for packaging liquid goods.

If you are interested in investing in vacuum sealing technology for your manufacturing business contact us today. Our line of high efficiency, cost effective manufacturing machinery is designed to help your business succeed.