No Touch Vacuum Packaging For Food Safety

Posted by Joe Mancuso

Food safety is at the forefront of food manufacturing and production, now more than ever, and no touch vacuum packaging is a great solution to reduce contact and keep food products safe from contamination. AMAC Technologies’ fully automated, no touch vacuum packaging systems can handle the entire packaging process from start to finish, with no need for manual intervention. With packaging equipment that can feed, open, fill, and seal food products without assistance, this dramatically reduces human contact with food products before being opened by the consumer. This no-touch vacuum packaging keeps food safe from germs and contaminants  that can cause illness or spoil. If you are looking for a no touch vacuum packaging system for your facility, AMAC Technologies can help. 

Benefits of AMAC Technologies’ No Touch Vacuum Packaging Systems:

  • Fully Automated – A fully automatic packaging system can significantly speed up your packaging process. AMAC Technologies produces a variety of different no-touch systems that can pack at speeds of 60-150 units per minute. This allows you to pack more products in a shorter amount of time than possible with manual packaging.
  • Cost Effective – An automatic, no-touch vacuum packaging system eliminates the need for manual packaging. This dramatically reduces labor costs, and allows time and effort to be refocused on other tasks. 
  • Waste Reduction – An added benefit of durable vacuum packaging is that it extends the shelf life of food and protects the product from contaminants that could cause spoil and waste.
  • Health and Safety – A no touch vacuum packaging system protects both your consumers and employees as over all contact is dramatically reduced. In turn transfer of germs and bacteria is significantly limited, preventing the spread of illness. 

Need To Find No Touch Vacuum Packaging?

If you are looking for the right no touch packaging equipment for your facility, contact AMAC Technologies here.  AMAC Technologies and their team of vacuum packaging specialists are standing by, ready to help you find the best packaging solutions for your needs. Call us or visit us online today to get started!