Packing Large Items with Multipack Wrapping Systems

Posted by AMAC

Multipack wrapping systems are great packaging systems for high production facilities that produce and package larger items that may not if into pouches or require custom cut packaging laminates. Multipack wrapping systems from AMAC Technologies, like the AIV-2000 can be used to pack and vacuum seal large items without the use of a custom mold. The AIV-2000 uses sensitive auto detecting technology to fit and cut c-fold film to the size and shape of each item that is packaged with this system. This fully automated system will speed up the packaging process for large and irregularly shaped items, helping to save your business both time and money, while eliminating the burden of manual packaging. If your business packs and seals large food products, electronics, or other irregularly shaped items that are best packed using vacuum sealing, consider using a multipack wrapping system. 

Benefits of Multipack Wrapping Systems

  • Extended Shelf Life – Vacuum sealing food products helps to extend shelf life by eliminating exposure to open air. Vacuum sealing will also prevent exposure to elements and bacteria that could cause spoilage and waste.
  • Large Product Packaging – The AIV-2000 can process 8”-20” C-Fold film allowing for large items like whole chickens, fish, blocks of cheese, and other large products to be packaged without using custom molds.
  • Cost Effective – This automatic system can package more items in a shorter amount of time than could be accomplished by hand, eliminating the need for any manual packaging. Not only will the AIV-2000 reduce labor costs, but money is also saved on supplies as cut to size pouches are cut from a roll of film, eliminating the need to purchase individual bags and pouches.

Looking for Multipack Wrapping Systems?

If you are in need of multipack wrapping systems that can accommodate large or irregularly shaped products, AMAC Technologies can help. AMAC Technologies supplies cutting edge, high production, packaging machinery that will pack and seal your products efficiently and with ease. Contact us today to find the best packing system for your needs.