Multipack Shrink Sleeve Equipment

Posted by Chela Mancuso

Multipack shrink sleeve equipment is a major asset to any manufacturer packaging bulk or variety packs of consumer goods. This style of packaging is incredibly convenient and affordable, and is commonly seen in consumer product manufacturing. Twin and multipack packaging can be used for shampoo and conditioner, canned goods, beverages, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, home goods and so much more. Using the right multipack shrink sleeve equipment makes a world of difference when it comes to applying twin and multipack shrink sleeves. If you are looking for affordable and easy to use multipack shrink sleeve equipment, AMAC Technologies can help!

AMAC Technologies offers an innovative heat shrink labeling solution for multipacks. The ASL-300 heat shrink labeler and neck bander is fast, efficient, affordable and features a compact footprint, making multipack shrink sleeve equipment accessible to facilities of all sizes. 

Benefits of AMAC Technologies Multipack Shrink Sleeve Equipment:

  • Production Speed –  The ASL-300 is able to apply shrink sleeves and neck banding at speeds of 300 bpm. Making the packaging process easy and efficient.
  • Versatility – The ASL-300 can be used to apply both shrink sleeves and neck banding to single items, twin packs, and bulk multipacks. This can be used across industries to pack food, drinks, home goods, cosmetics, personal care items, and so much more.
  • Innovative Design – The ASL-300 boasts a study construction, featuring stainless steel hardware, user friendly touch screen controls, strong servo motors, and a cutting edge cantilever system to make changeovers between products easy. This multipack shrink sleeve equipment is also designed to fit into compact areas, while having full scale, commercial abilities, making high output heat shrink labeling more accessible than ever. 

Want To Learn More About Heat Shrink Labeling and Neck Banding?

For more information about multipack shrink sleeve equipment, contact AMAC Technologies here! AMAC Technologies has over 40 years of experience to help you find the best packaging solutions for your needs.