Medical Products Packaging Equipment: What Is The Most Efficient Way To Package Medical Tools and Devices?

Posted by Chela Mancuso

What Is The Industry Standard For Medical Products Packaging?

Automated vacuum packaging is the go-to solution for medical products packaging for several reasons. This style of machinery provides a multitude of time and cost-saving benefits to manufacturers and vacuum sealing provides unmatch protection when compared to other forms of packaging. When looking for machinery that can effectively pack and seal medical products, it is important to consider cost, efficiency, and the level of protection the packaging can provide to the product to prevent contamination and damage. The use of automated vacuum sealers outperforms manual packaging methods in all of these categories. 

Why Are Automated Vacuum Sealers Ideal for Packaging Medial Products?

Automated vacuum sealers are sought after for medical product packaging because they are much faster than manual packaging, they are hands-free, and more cost-effective than standard packaging methods. 

  • Fast – There are several different styles of automated vacuum sealers that can be used to package medical tools and devices including pouch filling machines, chamber vacuum sealers, and FFS systems that can operate at speeds of 60 bpm. This means that these machines will produce 60 sealed units per minute with no need for manual intervention. 
  • Hands-Free – As mentioned earlier, automation allows for absolutely hands-free packaging. This is particularly important for medical products because it eliminates human contact and allows for clean sterile packaging. 
  • Affordable – A major benefit of automation to manufacturers is the reduction of manual labor and labor costs. Fully automated packaging equipment can handle the entirety of the packaging process from start to finish and removes the burden of tedious hand packaging methods. The use of this machinery makes the overall packaging process significantly more affordable.  

Want To Speak With Vacuum Sealing Specialists?

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