Medical Pouch Sealing Machine

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There are few places more important for sterility than a hospital. Hospitals with great reputations have one thing in common – a rigid commitment to having a great aseptic unit. The tighter control a hospital maintains over pathogens, the better the patient outcome. The key to a successful germ free environment is maintaining sterility when the patient is at greatest risk of infection. Use a medical pouch sealing machine to reduce risk. Simple procedures like the ones listed below can lead to terrible complications if a healthcare provider does not take extreme measures to safeguard against pathogen contamination.

  • handling surgery equipment or performing any surgical techniques
  • assisting a vaginal delivery
  • performing dialysis and handling catheters
  • inserting a chest tube
  • placing a catheter
  • placing a central intravenous (IV) or arterial lines
  • inserting, removing, or inspecting draining devices

Unfortunately, even the most careful nurses and technicians infect patients when the equipment they use or clothing they wear is tainted. The best way to safeguard against pathogens is by securing equipment and clothing using a medical pouch sealing machine.

Medical Pouch Sealing Machines

A medical pouch sealing machine as its name implies, is a machine that seals medical pouches to ensure the items inside cannot be contaminated. Many hospital items must be sealed to prevent pathogen transfer so getting a versatile machine is very important. A good medical pouch sealer will be easy to set up, seal quickly, allow various sizes of pouches to be sealed, and provide the option to vacuum seal when necessary. With items ranging from the smallest syringe to the large bedding linens, one machine that can process both quickly helps the hospital maintain a seamless flow. Most healthcare providers agree that getting the right sealer is so important for improving health outcomes and overall patient care.

Medical Pouch Vacuum Sealing Protection

If your hospital elects to use vacuum sealing protection, you’ll want to read about the additional benefits below.

  1. Preserves Integrity – Vacuum sealing protects against environmental factors and maintains the integrity of the item until the seal is broken.
  1. Moisture, Spill and Splatter Protection – Vacuum sealing protects against possible condensation during storage. It also safeguards against accidental spills or splatters commonplace in a fast-paced hospital setting.
  2. Optional Cushioning – Certain vacuum sealing machines can control the vacuuming speed and final vacuum strength to much less than 100%.
  1. Saves Space & Packaging Time – A small table top machine provides a very quick and efficient method of packaging various sized hospital items like surgical tools, clothing and bedding.

Is your Hospital Looking to Improve Health Outcomes?

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