Medical Packaging Industry – What Is The Best Way To Pack and Seal Medical Tools and Devices?

Posted by Chela Mancuso

What is the Best Method Of Packaging Medical Tools and Devices?

The medical packaging industry standard for packaging and sealing medical tools and devices for shipping, handling, and storage is vacuum packaging. There are many different styles of vacuum packaging equipment that can be used in manufacturing and packaging settings to safely and efficiently pack medical tools and devices. From small packaging plants to large-scale manufacturers, there are vacuum packaging solutions for health care products that will provide fast, durable, cost-effective packaging that will outperform manual packaging. 

What Benefits Does Automated Vacuum Packaging Provide to Manufactures of Health Care Products?

The reason so many manufacturers in the medical packaging industry choose to use automated vacuum packaging equipment to pack and seal their products is because it provides benefits including increased production speed, reduced labor costs, ultra-protective packaging, and more. 

  • Automated Vacuum Sealers Are Hands-Free – Automated vacuum sealers used to pack and seal medical devices, medical tools, and other health care items can be used absolutely hands-free. An automatic system will handle everything from opening and feeding pouches to filling and sealing them shut, which reduces human contact with products to prevent exposure to germs and bacteria. This style of vacuum sealing can also be used in sterile packaging facilities.  
  • Automation Saves Time And Money – Not only does automation reduce contact, but with your machinery doing all the heavy lifting, there is no need for manual labor. This significantly reduces labor costs and increases production speed as an automated vacuum sealer can pack and seal 60 units per minute. 
  • Vacuum Sealed Pouches Protect Products and Prevent Damage – Vacuum sealed pouches also provide an airtight seal and durable package that locks out damaging elements including dust, moisture, debris, bacteria, and more that can make your products unusable.    

How Can You Find The Right Medical Packaging Equipment For Your Facility?

If you want to find the best vacuum packaging solution for your needs, contact AMAC Technologies!  AMAC Technologies is a leading provider of commercial vacuum packaging equipment with over 40 years of experience and a large variety of vacuum sealing machines to accommodate facilities of all sizes. Our team of vacuum packaging specialists is here to discuss your needs and recommend the best packaging systems for your applications. Call today to learn more!