Meat Wrapping Machine For Grocery

Posted by AMAC

A meat wrapping machine is a great piece of equipment to have if your facility produces or stores large amounts of meat products for resale. A meat wrapping machine that uses form fill seal (FFS) and vacuum seal technology is a beneficial asset to any manufacturer or grocer for several reasons. This equipment can help to reduce waste, increase shelf life, reduce packing and production time, as well as reduce labor costs. If you are looking for an automatic system that can accomplish all of these goals for an affordable price, AMAC Technologies can help find the best meat wrapping machine for your needs. AMAC Technologies offers a diverse line of automated machinery that can easily pack and seal meat products in a dramatically reduced amount of time, regardless of shape or size.

Why use an Automated Meat Wrapping Machine?

  • Decreased Production Time – One of the most sought after benefits of an automated meat wrapping machine is its ability to wrap and seal items much faster than hand wrapping methods. AMAC Technologies’ FFS meat wrapping machine can pack and seal up to 60 units per minute. This will allow you to increase production while slashing packaging time.
  • Easy Wrapping – Our horizontal FFS meat wrapping machine uses in-line auto sensing technology to automatically detect the exact shape and size of each product, to cut custom packaging to fit. This system can also process 8 – 20 inch C-fold film, allowing it to wrap both large and irregularly shaped products with no hassle.
  • Reduced Contact – As a fully automated system handels wrapping from start to finish with no need for hand packaging, this not only results in reduced labor costs and injury risks, but also reduces contact which helps to keep employees and consumers healthy and safe.

Shopping for an Automatic Meat Wrapping Machine?

If you would like to start using automation for your packaging process, AMAC Technologies and their team of vacuum packaging specialists are standing by to answer your questions. To get a quote or learn more about AMAC Technologies and their top of the line manufacturing equipment, contact us here today!