Automated Vacuum Sealing – Discover the Best Meat Packaging Solution

Posted by AMAC

If your meat packaging facility is looking for automated processing as a meat packaging solution, then an automated vacuum sealing machine is exactly what you need. Vacuum sealing is an ideal packaging method for meats. The vacuum sealing process removes air from packaging thus preventing bacteria from growing. By preventing bacteria growth, meat will stay fresh for a longer period of time, and extends its shelf life. This superior automated packaging delivers many other benefits along with increased shelf life including:

  • Preserving product integrity
  • Protecting against contaminants
  • Saving shipping and shelf space
  • Providing package consistency
  • Increased production speed

Is it Simple to Implement an Automated Vacuum Sealer in a Meat Packaging Facility?

The best part about vacuum sealing is how simple it is to use. With the help of a vacuum packaging professional, your meat packaging facility can have an automated machine up and running in very little time. While our automated machines are a bit more time consuming for set up and may take up a bit more space, their benefits far outweigh the time and space they require. New to the U.S., these high velocity vacuum sealing machines offer the best meat packaging solutions. Industrial automated packaging machines will increase production speed and bring efficiency to any meat packaging facility.

Looking for a Great Meat Packaging Solution?

AMAC Technologies has the experience to make sure you select the perfect meat packaging machine for your facility. With so many vacuum sealing machines available, it is always best to talk to one of our vacuum sealing professionals. Call us today to discuss options, or fill out our contact form to get more information today!