Money Saving Manufacturing Packaging Solutions

Posted by AMAC

Affordable manufacturing packaging solutions are a key element in any manufacturing business. Utilizing high capacity, fully automated filling and sealing machines is a great way to ensure your items are efficiently packaged in a manner that will save both time and money. AMAC Technologies is a trusted provider of high production manufacturing machinery such as vacuum sealing and packaging machines, and pouch filling machines. These fully automated systems from AMAC Technologies are designed with speed and efficiency in mind. With the ability to  package and seal your products faster than manual packaging by hand, this machinery allows you to save time and cut costs on your packaging process. These automated manufacturing packaging solutions are essential tools for packaging everything from food products to medical tools, electronics and so much more. With manufacturing systems from AMAC Technologies, you can equip your business for success.

Automated Vacuum Sealing VS Automated Pouch Filling Technology  

  • Vacuum Sealing – Vacuum sealing machines like the AIV-2000 are great for sealing larger items like blocks of cheese, whole fish, and much more in airtight packaging without the need for a custom mold. Vacuum sealing is often used to package food products as it extends shelf life and protects food from bacteria. This process of packaging can also be used for products like medical tools, toys, electronics, and more, preventing exposure to elements like water that can cause damage and rusting.
  • Pouch Filling – Fully automated pouch filling systems like the RF-8200 are great for packaging both liquid and solid products into pouches and laminates. Often used for food items like broths, grains, vegetables, or fruits, this system can open, fill, and seal up to 60 pouches in one minute. And much like vacuum sealing, these pouches protect food products from spoiling and extend shelf life.

AMAC Technologies produces an extensive line of high quality manufacturing machinery, specifically designed to cut costs, save time, and help your business thrive. Contact us today to learn more about our manufacturing packaging solutions.