Large Processed Food Vacuum Sealing Equipment

Posted by AMAC

Processed food vacuum sealing equipment is great for extending shelf life, increasing production, and saving money on labor costs. However, larger food items can be difficult to pack and seal, and sometimes require the use of custom molds to properly fit the packaging to the item. However, automatic in-line vacuum sealing technology, like the AIV-2000 from AMAC Technologies offers a solution that quickly and efficiently seals large food items without the need for a custom mold. This automatic system works by cutting c-fold film to fit around larger food items and then vacuum sealing them into their cut-to-fit packaging. If you are looking to automate your packaging system for large food items, AMAC Technologies can help you find the right processed food vacuum sealing equipment for your needs.

Benefits of Using the AIV-2000

  • Fully Automated – This vacuum sealing system is fully automated and capable of handling your entire packaging process from start to finish. This eliminates the need for tedious manual packaging, and allows your employees to focus on other important tasks
  • Large Item Capacity – The AIV-2000 is perfect for items like whole fish, whole chickens, large blocks of cheese, and other food items that typically require the use of a mold for packaging. This system can process 8” – 20” C-fold film, and uses auto sensing technology to determine the size of the item that needs to be packaged. This allows a perfect pouch to be created for each item on an individual basis.
  • Fast – The AIV-2000 eliminates the need to manually fill bags by hand, and can produce more units in a shorter amount of time than traditional packaging methods. This automated system is faster and more efficient than manual packaging allowing you to increase production and reduce labor costs.

Shopping for Large Processed Food Vacuum Sealing Equipment?

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