Affordable Inline Labeling Equipment for Bottles & Cans

Posted by Chela Mancuso

When it comes to labeling bottles and cans, producers in the craft beer industry, or other small beverage and bottling companies often look to find the most affordable equipment that is the easiest to use. At AMAC Technologies, we have a wide variety of equipment available for any type of manufacturer and whatever their needs are. For manufacturers looking to package affordably and efficiently in the craft beer industry, inline labeling equipment for bottles and cans like the ASL-100 is an ideal option. Both the ASL-100 and the AMAC Technologies shrink tunnel are two separate pieces of equipment that are used inline with each other to apply shrink sleeves to cans and bottles. AMAC Technologies can provide you with one or both depending on your needs, the size of your operation, and more. The ASL-100 system is ideal for craft breweries and microbreweries that may have many different skews and are looking for affordable shrink labeling equipment with a small footprint that can be used in their brewery or bottle shop. The ASL-100 has an innovative cantilever system that makes it easy to switch from one sleeve to another for different products, cans, bottles, etc. It is the most affordable can and bottle labeling system of its class. The ASL-100 can label 80 units per minute and operates hands-free so you don’t have to hire additional labor to apply labels to products. The ASL-100 is a top-of-the-line piece of equipment and is the ideal choice for any bottle or can labeling manufacturing needs. 

Benefits Of The ASL-100 Inline Labeling Equipment for Bottles & Cans

Affordable inline labeling equipment for bottles and cans is a staple of a well-run manufacturing process. Not only will the ASL-100 help immensely with production, but it also helps cut down on overhead labor costs, is simple and user-friendly, and above all, it is best-in-class with an affordable price point for any manufacturer’s needs. Other benefits of the ASL-100 include:

  • Small footprint for any type of shop or packaging facility
  • Robust, stainless steel production that guarantees your equipment is built to last
  • Delivered install ready. Manufacturers can begin labeling the day they receive their equipment. 
  • 24/7 customer support from the knowledgeable AMAC Technologies team 

Other noteworthy features of the ASL-100 include: 

  • Can be used in collaboration with an AMAC Technologies shrink tunnel 
  • Label roll feeder
  • 1-meter steam tunnel 
  • Shrink Label ASL-100 Applicator with print sensor, timing screw, and tamping device
  • Optional steam generator, and optional line conveyor or accumulating table conveyor

For breweries and bottle shops, shrink labeling machines like the ASL-100 are ideal because they can quickly apply labeling to numerous sizes and types of bottles without the need for employee intervention. Additionally, this machinery provides a seamless changeover when moving from one product to the next, again reducing the cost of overhead labor in order to have an employee supervising the machinery as it works. Overall, utilizing a can-sleeving machine and taking advantage of its benefits can help any business, no matter the size, work with affordability and enhanced efficiency with the help of this revolutionary and cutting-edge machinery from AMAC Technologies. 


When you choose AMAC Technologies to work with, not only are you choosing top-of-the-line and best-in-class machinery with an affordable price tag, but you are also choosing years’ worth of experience in the manufacturing and packaging industry. Our dedicated team works round the clock to continue innovating and engineering to constantly deliver high quality inline labeling equipment for bottles and cans along with exemplary customer service. At AMAC Technologies, our equipment is second to none and the customer service matches that. No matter what type of questions you might have, our team is always available to answer and help out. Get in touch with AMAC Technologies today!