Industrial Vacuum Sealers For Electronic Components, Food Manufacturing, Medical Devices & More

Posted by Chela Mancuso

Industrial vacuum sealers are used across industries to pack and seal food items, electronics, car parts, hand tools, clothing, linens, electronic components and so much more. Vacuum sealing is so sought after in manufacturing because it provides durable, affordable packaging solutions that extend shelf life, protect products, and reduce waste and damage. 

Industrial vacuum sealers have become the go-to packaging solution for manufacturers and producers of electronic components like microchips, PCBs, Silicon Wafers, and more. The benefits of using automated vacuum sealers are many in the electronics industry. Not only does an automated vacuum packaging system help to increase output speed and reduce labor costs, but vacuum packaging provides unmatched protection for delicate electronic components during shipping and handling. Vacuum sealing removes excess oxygen and provides durable packaging with an air-tight seal that locks out elements like debris and moisture that can damage or destroy your products. If you are looking for the right industrial vacuum sealers for your facility or business AMAC Technologies can help you. 

Which Style Of Industrial Vacuum Sealer Is Best For You

  • Pouch Filling Vacuum Sealers – An automated pouch filling system will handle every step of your packaging process, hands-free, including feeding, opening, filling, and sealing pouches. These systems can produce 60 sealed units per minute and will help to reduce labor costs and increase productivity.
  • Chamber Vacuum Sealers – Chamber vacuum sealers work by applying pressure to the packaging to push out excess oxygen. These systems give you the ability to control the environment of the packaging and how much oxygen is released. 
  • FFS (Form Fill Seal) Packaging Systems –  A form fill seal vacuum packaging system will cut laminates to fit each item and then seal the edges shut to lock out oxygen and continents. This is ideal for large and irregularly shaped items that won’t properly fit into pre-formed pouches. 
  • Self-Operated/Table Top Nozzle Sealers – Small, tabletop, nozzle sealers are perfect for smaller facilities getting started with vacuum sealing that may not have the floor space for a fully automated vacuum sealing system. These vacuum sealers use nozzles that will suck excess oxygen out and then heat is used to seal the pouch shut. 

Want To Learn More About Automated Vacuum Sealing Systems?

If you are looking for the best vacuum sealing solution for your manufacturing and packaging process, contact AMAC Technologies here! Our dedicated team of vacuum packaging specialists has over 40 years of experience to help you find the perfect machinery for your applications. Call today to learn more!