Ensure Freshness With an Industrial Vacuum Sealer with Nitrogen Purge

Posted by AMAC

An industrial vacuum sealer with nitrogen purge is a great asset for any facility that produces or packages products like food, electronics, and even medical supplies. An industrial vacuum sealer with a nitrogen purge, also known as a gas purge, will inject the packaging with non toxic, nitrogen gas to extend shelf life, and preserve the freshness of your items after vacuuming out the oxygen. This allows you to modify the atmosphere of your packaging and create the best environment to ensure your products’ quality through shipping and storage, resulting in a perfectly preserved, ready to use product upon opening. So if you are looking for an affordable way to not only automate and expedite your packaging process, but also extend shelf life and ensure preservation and freshness, an industrial vacuum sealer with nitrogen purge may be just what you are looking for.

Why use an Automatic, Industrial Vacuum Sealer with Nitrogen Purge?

  • Automation – The use of automated equipment takes your packaging process to the next level by increasing output, decreasing production time, eliminating the task of manual packaging, and decreasing labor costs, all while safely packaging your products into high quality, durable packaging.  
  • Loss Prevention – Both vacuum sealing and nitrogen purge help to extend the shelf life of your products. Nitrogen injection is used for preservation by adjusting the package atmosphere to ideal conditions, while vacuum packaging eliminates oxygen and secures your products in airtight packaging that will protect from water, dust, and bacteria that could cause spoil or damage. This helps to reduce waste and loss of product.
  • Safety – Using this state of the art machinery to pack, seal, and preserve, will reduce the amount of physical labor that is required from your employees, and ultimately reduce risk and liability that surrounds repetitive labor.

Shopping for an Industrial Vacuum Sealer with Nitrogen Purge?

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