Best Industrial Vacuum Packaging Machines To Extend Food Shelf Life For Commercial Use

Posted by Chela Mancuso

When it comes to selling food, many manufacturers are looking for efficient and affordable packaging solutions that protect their products and help extend the food shelf life with the use of industrial vacuum packaging machines. There are a variety of benefits to extending food shelf life, including reducing waste, saving money, and ultimately keeping packaged foods fresher for longer. Manufacturers can utilize fully automatic, commercial packaging systems or even smaller tabletop vacuum machines for smaller productions. AMAC Technologies is an industry leader in any and all types of vacuum packaging machinery, and these vacuum machines can be used to package a wide variety of foods including meats, fruits, and vegetables, cheese, fish, and even liquid products. Whether these food items need to be packaged for restaurants, grocery stores, or food distributors, it is beneficial to have the machinery that helps lock in freshness and prevent any waste, and in turn loss of money on their products. If you are looking for any type of industrial vacuum packaging machinery, AMAC Technologies can help. 


Extended shelf life is critical for any enterprise looking to package and distribute food. Whether you’re manufacturing for a small business and only need a tabletop vacuum sealer, or need a fully automated machine, AMAC Technologies has a variety of machinery options for all of your needs. 

Some of the benefits of using vacuum sealers include: 

  • The removal of additional oxygen: When excess oxygen is removed from the packaging, it slows down the natural process of food decay and seals in freshness. This allows the food to be stored or frozen for longer shelf life. 
  • Protection for customers and manufacturers: Not only does vacuum-sealed food have benefits for the shelf life, but also in the safety of the food product. Vacuum sealing a product locks out contaminants and prevents tampering with the product. 
  • Extended shelf life: From raw meat sold in grocery stores to meal prep kits sold by large companies, any type of manufacturer benefits from the extended shelf life of their product. 
  • Faster and More Affordable Packaging Process: Another benefit of using automated packaging machinery is that it significantly reduces labor costs and improves output speeds. AMAC Technologies’ automatic vacuum sealing systems can pack upwards of 60 units per minute allowing you to produce more packaged products, in a shorter amount of time, while cutting or even eliminating manual labor costs. 


From semi-automated and fully-automated machinery to tabletop vacuums, there are a wide variety of options to choose from. In fact, fully-automated machinery options can also reduce or completely eliminate labor costs associated with running the machinery because of their automation and efficiency. 

Machinery options include: 

  • The Chamber Vacuum Packaging System: This system is ideal for liquid products like stews and soups because it uses pressure instead of suction to remove excess oxygen from the packaging. It can also be used for solid products.
  • Horizontal FFS: Horizontal FFS Machines (FFS stands for form, fill, seal) are perfect for packaging larger, irregularly shaped products like large cuts of meat, blocks or wheels of cheese, and whole fish. This is because the FFS machines use auto-sensing technology to custom-cut film to fit the exact dimensions of the product and vacuum technology to remove excess oxygen and seal the package shut.
  • RF-8200 Series: The RF-8200 Series is a fantastic option for manufacturers looking to package things like snack foods including nuts, cookies, crackers chips, dried meats and fruits, and additionally liquid food products like marinades and sauces.

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