Industrial Vacuum Bag Sealers for Liquid Food Items

Posted by AMAC

Packaging liquid food items can be tricky, but there are industrial vacuum bag sealers that can quickly pack and seal your products into airtight pouches for shipping and storage. Food items like soups, broths, oils, or sauces, can all benefit from the effects of vacuum sealing. Vacuum sealing protects food items from bacteria and germs that can cause contamination or spoil. Vacuum sealing also extends shelf life, ultimately reducing waste. While packing these liquid goods manually can be cumbersome, industrial vacuum bag sealers like AMAC Technologies’ FFS (Form Fill Seal) machines are fully automated and can quickly pack your liquid goods into durable pouches, faster than hand packaging.  If you are interested in using industrial vacuum bag sealers for your business AMAC Technologies FFS machines may be just what you need.

Benefits of Form Fill Seal Technology

  • Fully Automated – AMAC Technologies’ FFS machines handle your entire packaging process from feeding and opening pouches to filling and sealing, eliminating the burden of manual packaging from your employees’ day to day tasks.
  • Fast – The FFS machines from AMAC Technologies can produce up to 60 completed units per minute, allowing you to increase production, and finish more units in a shorter amount of time than packaging manually.
  • Money Saving – FFS Technology is faster and more efficient than manual packaging and eliminates the need to handle any part of the packaging process by hand. This means that your business is able to ultimately cut down on labor costs and save time on packaging as a whole, which will save money.

Shopping for Industrial Vacuum Bag Sealers?

We supply industrial vacuum bag sealers for liquid food items. Our cutting edge industrial machinery help manufacturing businesses save time and money, while simultaneously increasing productivity. Contact us today to learn more.