Industrial Shrink Tunnel

Posted by Joe Mancuso

If you are in need of an industrial shrink tunnel that can provide cutting edge speed and efficiency for an affordable price, AMAC Technologies can help! Heat shrink labeling necessary packaging for a variety of industries. Products including cosmetics, electronics, soaps & body washes, and food products all can be labeled and packaged using a shrink tunnel. A shrink tunnel works by placing a plastic band or sleeve around the product, and then applies heat to shrink the label to size. This type of packaging can also be used to apply tamper evident banding. This type of protective neck banding is particularly popular among products like food or cosmetics, as it assures the shopper that the product has not been used or opened prior to their purchase. If you would like to start using a shrink tunnel to label your products, AMAC Technologies can help you find the right equipment for your needs. 

Benefits of AMAC Technologies Industrial Shrink Tunnel

  • Speed –AMAC Technologies’ shrink labeling equipment can automatically label a variety of different products at speeds of up to 300 bpm. The automatic design allows you to increase output speed and decrease labor costs.
  • Cutting Edge Design – These industrial shrink tunnels feature sturdy stainless steel construction, strong servo motors, and an innovative cantilever design allowing for fast, efficient production and change over between products.  
  • Affordability – AMAC Technologies’ heat shrink labeling equipment is the most affordable of its class. This means you will receive high quality, industrial capability for a competitive price, that won’t break the bank.
  • Expert Advice – AMAC Technologies and their team of packaging specialists also offer free consultation to help you decide what the best equipment for your particular needs is. 

Need more information on industrial shrink tunnels?

If you want to learn more about shrink tunnels contact AMAC Technologies here. With over 30 years experience in providing cutting edge manufacturing equipment, AMAC Technologies is sure to help you find the perfect industrial shrink tunnel and manufacturing equipment for your facility.