Industrial Grade Vacuum Sealer

Posted by Joe Mancuso

An industrial grade vacuum sealer is a game changer for any manufacturer looking to take their packaging process to the next level. Everything from medical tools and electronics to car parts, food products, and so much more benefit from vacuum packaging. Not only does airtight vacuum packaging help to protect products and prevent loss, but the use of an automated industrial grade vacuum sealer helps to reduce overhead, increase production, and speed up the packaging process. If you are looking for the perfect industrial grade vacuum sealer for your needs, AMAC Technologies can help you find an efficient, cutting edge piece of equipment to help your business grow, and keep up with demand.

Benefits of Industrial Grade Vacuum Sealers:

  • Extended Shelf Life – Vacuum sealing food products (both liquid and solid) can help to extend shelf life, and prevent exposure to bacteria and germs that can cause illness or spoil. 
  • Cost Effective – Using automated vacuum packaging equipment helps to reduce overhead costs by eliminating the need for manual packaging. This reduces labor costs and allows for efforts and focus to be shifted to more pertinent tasks. 
  • Efficiency –  Automated packaging equipment allows you to put out more packaged items in a shorter amount of time as AMAC Technologies’ machinery can pack and seal up to 60 completed units per minute. 
  • Loss Prevention – Vacuum sealing products in durable pouches and laminates will help to prevent exposure to damaging elements of contaminants that can cause products to spoil or break. This results in lower waste and product loss during shipping and storage.  

Looking For An Industrial Grade Vacuum Sealer?

If you need guidance in finding the right industrial packaging equipment for your needs, contact AMAC Technologies here! AMAC Technologies has over 30 years of experience in providing cutting edge manufacturing equipment and a dedicated team of vacuum packaging specialists who will help you find the best equipment for your needs. Contact AMAC Technologies today to get started!