Benefits of Fully Automatic Industrial Food Packaging Equipment

Posted by AMAC

Automatic industrial food packaging equipment from AMAC Technologies is designed to help your business expedite the packaging process, saving time and reducing labor costs, while packaging your food products in durable materials that ensure freshness. Whether you are looking to individually vacuum seal your food items or fill pouches and bags with your product, AMAC Technologies can help you find the machinery that best suits your needs.

There are many benefits to packaging your consumable products with industrial food packaging equipment. In addition to being much faster than manual packaging methods, and helping to cut costs, vacuum sealing food or packaging in airtight pouches can help prevent waste. These durable packaging solutions help to extend shelf life, and prevent food from being contaminated by bacteria that can cause it to spoil. If your business is a high production food packaging facility, automated packaging equipment is a necessary tool for success.

Pouch Filling vs. Vacuum Sealing 

  • Rotary Pouch Filling Machine – Able to produce up to 60 units in one minute,this packaging system has the ability to open fill and seal bags, pouches, and laminates with both liquid and solid food products. This system is perfect for packaging items like grains, flours, broths, or sauces. This machinery is also equipped with an alarm system that will pause production should an error occur during packaging, preventing loss of product.
  • Automatic Vacuum Packaging System – This system is great for packaging larger food items like whole fish, large cuts of meat, and blocks of cheese. This system takes C-fold film from 8-20 inches and can auto sense size and shape, giving it the ability to precisely fit packaging to each item, without the need for a custom mold.

Automatic industrial food packaging equipment from AMAC Technologies is designed for high capacity, speed, and accuracy to help your business succeed. Contact us today to learn more about our line of high quality manufacturing equipment.