Discover the Benefits of Automation with an Industrial Bag Sealer

Posted by AMAC

The RV-8200- Rotary Vacuum Packaging Machine is an industrial bag sealer, that can help your manufacturing business flourish by fully automating the filling and sealing or your product into vacuum tight bags and pouches. Allow your employees the opportunity to focus on more important tasks that better your business, while an industrial bag sealer expedites you packaging process. The RV-8200R from AMAC Technologies was built with speed and efficiency in mind. Capable of processing up to 60 units in 1 minute, this industrial bag sealer will allow you to package more products in less time, taking your business to the next level.

Pros of Using an Industrial Bag Sealer

  • The RV-8200R can be used to fill and seal standard pouches, stand-up pouches, gusseted bags and laminates with liquid or solid materials.
  • This industrial bag sealer is safe to be used for food items. Food products such as meats, vegetables, or soups, should be vacuum sealed to prevent spoiling and extend shelf life. The RV-8200R can do just this, reducing waste, so more product can be stored and sold.
  • This bag sealer can also be used to package and seal commercial items including car parts, hand tools, hardware, or children’s toys. By vacuum packaging these items, you can prevent them from being exposed to elements that can cause rusting or decay that renders the product unsable. By vacuum sealing your products, you can prevent harmful exposure and reduce waste.
  • The RV-8200R uses a rotary system in which bags are intermittently filled with product, while a continuous vacuum system works to extract air from each package and seal it shut.
  • Finally, this industrial bag sealer has a stainless steel construction that allows for easy cleanup of the machinery after each use, as well as a safety and alarm system that will alert the user if there is an error during the filling or sealing process.

If your company could benefit from an automated packaging process, contact our professionals today to learn more about the RV-8200R, and discover our extensive list of manufacturing machinery. Give your company the leg up it needs with AMAC Technologies.