Is it Time to Switch to an In-Line Vacuum Packaging Machine?

Posted by AMAC

Many manufacturers are already benefiting from the implementation of vacuum packaging machines in their facilities. A vacuum sealer can improve the protection of a product during handling and shipping. It can reduce the size of a product to decrease shipping costs. And it can even protect food or product from moisture and bacteria thereby extending shelf life, but can it also speed up production in your plant? Well if you are still using a manual vacuum packaging machine, then no. Now is the perfect time for your business to switch to an in-line vacuum packaging machine.

Why Switch to In-Line Vacuum Packaging Machines?

In-line vacuum packaging machines offer all of the benefits of standard industrial vacuum packaging machines, but with a time-saving feature – semi-automation. An in-line machine reduces manual labor costs while increasing productivity. It is perfect for large blocks of cheese, meat, or large fish. Once the machinery is set up it can take as little as 30 seconds to seal your products. Machine training is minimal and if you work with the right vacuum sealer manufacturer, you will get the unit that fits your needs perfectly.

Benefits of Switching to an In-Line Vacuum Packaging Machine Sealing

Alongside simplicity, vacuum sealing offers numerous benefits for manufacturing packaging:

  • Consistency – when working with repeating motions, precision, and accuracy, using a semi-automated process offers more consistent results than a manual process.
  • Reduced Costs – lower labor expenses combined with superior product packaging will reduce costs.
  • Saves Processing Time – vacuum sealing is a very quick and efficient method of packaging components when using a semi-automated machine.
  • Increased Production – an in-line vacuum sealing machine seals multiple products at once increasing overall production.
  • Promotes Safety and Efficiency – an in-line vacuum packaging machine cuts down on employee repetitive motion, reduces handling, and increases safety, efficiency and production.

Increase Production with an In-Line Vacuum Packaging Machine

If you are an industrial food manufacturer packaging blocks of cheese, large meats, fish or other bulk items, then an in-line vacuum packaging machine is the perfect solution to your manufacturing needs. We specialize in the innovative design of vacuum sealing machines for the food industry. Our vacuum sealing machine experts can explain our available features and benefit. We will find the perfect unit for your food packaging needs today! Please fill out our contact form to get started.