How To Improve Food Manufacturing With Hands Free Packaging

Posted by Joe Mancuso

Are you looking to  improve food manufacturing with hands free packaging? If so, automated vacuum sealing technology may be exactly what you need. Whether you are packaging liquid, solid, powdered, large, or irregularly shaped food products, AMAC Technologies has an automated vacuum packaging machine to fit your needs. Automated vacuum packaging equipment not only improves your packaging process by being completely hands free, but they also help to increase production and reduce cost. Implementing the use of automated machinery makes your packaging process safer, more affordable, and faster. If you are looking for the right automated machine for your needs AMAC Technologies can help.

Benefits of AMAC Technologies’ Hands Free Food Packaging Equipment

  • Speed – AMAC Technologies can help you immediately improve food manufacturing with hands free packaging, by decreasing production speed and increasing output. AMAC Technologies produces several different styles of automated packaging machines that are hands free, and can pack and seal upwards of 60 units per minute. This allows you to accomplish packaging speeds that are impossible to achieve with manual packaging methods. 
  • Reduced Labor Costs – These hands free packaging systems can handle the entire packaging process from start to finish. Opening, filling, and sealing are all taken care of when you use a fully automatic, hands free, packaging machine, which allows you to dramatically reduce labor costs. This allows for an overall reduced overhead, and more affordable production process. 
  • Safety – Not only does hands free packaging make your facility more healthy by reducing contact within your facility and with your products, but it also protects your employees for injury. By eliminating the need for manual packing, you protect your employees from injury and strain that can be brought on by repetitive labor. 

Do you want to improve food manufacturing with hands free packaging?

If you want to find the perfect, hands free, food packaging equipment for your needs, contact AMAC Technologies here. AMAC Technologies and their team of vacuum packaging specialists have over 30 years of experience, and can help you take your packaging process to the next level. Contact AMAC Technologies today to learn more!