Custom Hybrid Composite Shrink Sleeve Label Suppliers

Posted by Chela Mancuso

One incredibly popular shrink-sleeve labeling option is a custom hybrid composite material. A hybrid material is a combination of two materials at the macro, micro, or nano level, and it is typically a blend, multilayer, or nanoconstructed material. Recent innovations in the shrink labeling industry have allowed for new, hybrid composite materials to be introduced to food packaging, making way for materials that use the combined benefits of multiple types of shrink sleeve labeling. A hybrid composite shrink sleeve label is simply made from both OPS and PET shrink sleeve labels. It is a three-layer, co-extrusion technology, and provides enhanced customization for any and all types of shrink-sleeve labeling. AMAC Technologies is an industry leader in providing innovative materials like custom hybrid composite shrink sleeves, and John Yamasaki, the in-house expert at AMAC Technologies has many years’ worth of experience in innovating within the shrink sleeve labeling industry. No matter what type of material you are looking for, AMAC Technologies can help provide you with the right guidance and top-of-the-line options and equipment for all of your shrink-sleeve labeling needs. 


  • High shrinkage. Hybrid composite shrink sleeve labels are an excellent choice for any type of large or irregularly shaped bottle or container that needs wrapping. Examples include shampoo bottles, conditioner bottles, pickle jars, alcohol, beer, or spirits containers, and more. With more than 76% TD shrinkage, these are the ideal choice for anything with shapes, curves, or even square bottles. 
  • Excellent package adhesion. With high shrinkage also comes advanced package adhesion. Hybrid composite shrink sleeve labels are wonderful for making sure that the shrink sleeve label is flush with the packaging, providing more wear resistance and protection for the product. 
  • Low-temperature shrinkage. Using a hybrid composite shrink sleeve label is also an excellent option because of its lower-temperature shrinkage. This enhances and increases the manufacturing process overall by making the packaging process move quicker and run more smoothly. It also allows for machinery like a heat shrink tunnel to be utilized during the packaging process. 
  • Unlimited customization opportunities. Hybrid composite materials are ideal for printing with color. The material itself will not cause fogging, darkening, or even pattern deformation during the shrinking process making this a great option for manufacturers looking to provide the utmost preservation to their labels. 


At AMAC Technologies, not only can we help our customers find the right shrink sleeve labeling material, but also the right equipment for the job, custom printed shrink sleeve labels, and more. The ASL-300 is one of the primary offerings we have and this best-in-class machinery is a fantastic option for any manufacturer. The ASL-300 and other shrink sleeve labeling equipment that AMAC Technologies offers, like heat shrink tunnels, can provide a few key benefits to manufacturers including lower overhead costs, streamlining of processes, increased production with decreased production time, and more. In addition, our machinery comes equipped with options to fully automate the entire process, which effectively simplifies the packaging process and removes the need for human intervention. 


With over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing and packaging industry, AMAC Technologies is well-versed in the hybrid composite shrink sleeve label world, and under the guidance of our in-house expert John Yamasaki, we are able to provide second-to-none customer service to all of our customers. Our highly trained team of experts, engineers, and innovators is constantly working diligently to create new solutions for the packaging and manufacturing industry, and our team is available for our customers every step of the way to help them find the right packaging products. Get in touch with AMAC Technologies today!