How Does Heat Shrink Labeling Work?

Posted by Joe Mancuso

In the world of manufacturing and packaging consumer goods, heat shrinking labeling is a popular process, but how does heat shrink labeling work? Heat shrink labeling is used to package a variety of products from food and drink, to personal care and cosmetics. This process works by placing a shrink sleeve around the product and applying heat to shrink it down to tightly fit the products. Shrink labels can be custom printed with logos, designs, and important product information. These shrink sleeves can also be used to package twin or multi-pack items for bulk sale. Heat shrink labeling is great for packaging canned goods, jars, bottles, and even putting tamper evident neck banding on products like vitamins or food products. If you are looking for an efficient shrink labeler that is versatile and affordable, AMAC Technologies can help. 

How Does Heat Shrink Labeling Work With AMAC Technologies ASL-300?

  • Automatic Operation – The ASL-300 is an automatic system that features an innovative cantilever design and touch screen controls. This makes the heat shrink labeling process fast and virtually hands free, as the system will handle the application and shrinking of the sleeves with no need for intervention. The ASL-300 can also be used with a shrink tunnel.
  • Speed – The robust design and strong servo motors of the ASL-300, allow for production speeds of up to 300 bpm. This will result in an increased production speed and output. 
  • Versatility – The ASL-300 can be used for a wide variety of consumer products, and can seamlessly switch from one product to the next. The cantilever design allows for fast and easy change over, so the ASL-300 can switch from shrink labeling one product or multi-pack to another with no lag time.

Still wondering, how does heat shrink labeling work?

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