How Does A Vacuum Sealer Work?

Posted by Chela Mancuso

How does a vacuum sealer work? Commercial vacuum sealers are used across many industries to package everything from food products to automotive parts. Vacuum sealing is sought after because it is affordable, fast, effective, and helps to reduce bulk and extend shelf life. Understanding exactly how a vacuum sealer works is also relatively easy. In a standard vacuum packaging process, products are fed into pouches, bags, laminates, or custom-cut films. Then excess oxygen is removed from the packaging via suction or pressure. This creates an airtight seal and protects products from damaging elements and contaminants that they may encounter during shipping and handling. 

There are many different types of vacuum sealing systems that can be used for various products. If you are looking for the right vacuum sealing system for your packaging process and would like to consult with trusted vacuum packaging specialists, AMAC Technologies is here to help. 

Benefits of Working With AMAC Technologies:

  • Variety – AMAC Technologies offers a variety of different vacuums selling machines including nozzle sealers, chamber sealers, rotary systems, full automation, semi-automation, hand-operated, vertical FFS, pouch filling, and so much more.  
  • Speed and Efficiency – This cutting-edge equipment is designed to make the packaging process more efficient, with automated systems performing at speeds of 60 bpm, greatly increasing output speeds, while minimizing the need for manual intervention.
  • Affordability – With a commercial vacuum sealer handling all the heavy lifting, there is little to no need for manual labor, which allows you to dramatically reduce labor costs and make your packaging process much more affordable.   

How Does A Vacuum Sealer Work? Ask The Experts at AMAC Technologies! 

If you are wanting to learn more about commercial vacuum sealers and would like to talk with trusted professionals, contact AMAC Technologies here! Our team of vacuum packaging specialists has over 40 years of knowledge and experience to share with ur customers to ensure you get the best packaging solutions for your needs. Call today to learn more.