How Are Shrink Sleeve Labels Applied?

Posted by Chela Mancuso

How are shrink sleeve labels applied to bottles, cans, and other consumer goods?

Shrink sleeve labels are used to package a variety of consumer goods. This includes beverages, food products, cleaning products, soaps, mouthwash, canned goods, and so much more. Not only do shrink sleeves provide eye-catching packaging, but they can also be used to package dual and bulk packages and provide tamper-evident seals for food, cosmetics, supplements, and other products that must not be opened before purchase. But how are shrink labels applied? The best way to apply shrink sleeve labels is with automated heat shrink labeling equipment. 

An automated heat shrink labeler and neck banding system can be used to apply individual, custom sleeves to a variety of products at speeds of up to 300 units per minute. This machinery can be used with a shrink tunnel to easily, and quickly sleeve each unit and then apply heat to the product to shrink the sleeve to size, providing fast and affordable, hands-free packaging solutions for manufacturers across industries. 

If you are looking for the right heat shrink labeler for your packaging facility, AMAC Technologies is here to help you find the right packaging equipment for your particular applications. 

What Are The Benefits of AMAC Technologies’ Automated Heat Shrink Labelers:

  • Speed – AMAC Technologies offers two different heat shrink labelers a high-capacity commercial shrink labeler that can perform at a speed of 300 bpm, and a more economic heat shrink labeler idea for independent brands, microbreweries, and small wineries that packages at 150 bpm.  
  • Variety – These heat shrink labelers can be used to package a variety of different consumer products and can easily switch from one to the next, applying shrink sleeves seamlessly for manufacturers or brands that produce multiple products. 
  • Size – AMAC Technologies offers a compact heat shrink labeler with a small footprint, making high-capacity heat shrink labeling accessible to brands and packaging facilities of all sizes. 
  • Expert Advice – Another major benefit of shopping for heat shrink labelers with AMAC Technologies is the access you have to our heat shrink labeling expert, John Yamasaki. John is a pioneer in the world of heat shrink labeling technology with over 40 years of experience to answer your questions and help you find the best packaging solutions for your needs. 

Want To Learn More About Heat Shrink Sleeves and How They Are Applied?

If you are looking for cutting-edge, high-speed packaging equipment, including heat shrink labelers, that is designed to save time and money, contact the commercial packaging equipment experts at AMAC Technologies! Our dedicated staff of packaging experts is here to take your call, answer your questions, and help you find the best equipment for your business. Call today and learn more!