User Friendly Horizontal Form Fill Sealer Equipment

Posted by AMAC

If you are in need of horizontal form fill sealer equipment that is efficient and easy to use, AMAC Technologies offers automated manufacturing solutions that are affordable and user friendly, that will transform your facility’s packaging process into a hands free, fully automatic, high production operation. Implementing the use of a horizontal form fill sealer offers many automation benefits including speed, versatility, and lowered overhead costs. If your facility packages items like fruit, vegetables, bakery goods, meat, cheese, or even electronics, horizontal form fill sealer equipment can revolutionize your packaging process and help preserve and protect your goods during shipping and storage.

How Does Horizontal Form Fill Sealer Machinery Work?

  • FFS – Form, fill, seal (ffs) technology gets its name from the process in which it packages goods. Horizontal FFS machines work by forming a laminate precisely to the cut of each item you are packaging, ensuring that even odd shaped products are securely sealed in well-fitting pouches. Once the item’s pouch is cut from the film, the pouch is fitted around the product, and then vacuum sealed to close.
  • Pouch filling – This system can also be used to fill preshape pouches or bags with liquid or solid products that do not need custom packaging. The horizontal ffs equipment can pack and seal up to 60 pouches in under one minute.
  • Hands Free Full Automation – A horizontal form fill sealer can do everything listed above with no need for intervention or hand packaging, making it a self-sufficient, hands free system. This allows you to reduce both labor costs and liability that can occur from physical labor injury.

Need to Invest in a Horizontal Form Fill Sealer?

An investment in automated machinery is an investment in your packaging facility that will allow you to reduce costs and become a more productive operation. If you want more information about horizontal form fill sealers, or other automated manufacturing equipment, contact AMAC Technologies today. Our team of packaging specialists is ready to help you find the best equipment for your needs.