Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machines for Food Products

Posted by AMAC

Horizontal form fill seal machines, also known as FFS machines, are great packaging systems for high production manufacturing facilities that pack, seal, and ship food goods. Using horizontal form fill seal machines to package your food products will help to save time and money as these machines are designed for speed and efficiency, effectively packing and vacuum sealing products in a shorter amount of time than can be accomplished with hand packaging or other manual packaging methods. Another benefit of these horizontal FFS machines is that they can package a wide variety of items. Both liquid and solid products including meats, cheeses, fruits, veggies, soups, broths, grains, and powders can all be packed and vacuum sealed into durable pouches that will hold up to 2.2lbs of product. If you are looking to expedite your packaging process, save money, and provide quality packaging for your products, consider using horizontal form fill seal machines from AMAC Technologies for your manufacturing and packaging business.

Benefits of Packaging with Horizontal Form Fill Sealers:

  • Extended Shelf Life – Packing food products into the vacuum sealed pouches and bags that are used with FFS machines will prevent your food products from exposure to open air or other elements that could cause spoil.
  • Speed – AMAC Technologies’ FFS machines can fill up to 60 units in one minute.
  • Affordability – FFS machines will make your packaging process more affordable by reducing labor costs. More items can be packaged in a shorter amount of time with these automated systems, eliminating the need for manual packaging, and allowing employees to focus on other tasks.

Shopping for Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machines?

If you are interested in saving time and money with horizontal form fill seal machines, AMAC Technologies can help you find the best FFS system for your needs. AMAC Technologies produces an extensive line of manufacturing machinery that is designed to help your business succeed by saving time and money.  Contact us today to learn more.